📷Adam Bujak, Arturo Mari/Biały Kruk

The National Novena before the 100th anniversary of the birth of John Paul II started

On the occasion of the upcoming 100th anniversary of the birth of Pope-Pole the national novena started in the newly built Shrine of John Paul II in Radzymin.  Each month, on the 18th day, in the Shrine the prayers in the intention of families and our Homeland will be sent to God.  The Shrine received over 3, 5 thousand intentions.

The national Novena through the intercession of the Saint John Paul II will end on May 18, 2020, exactly on the 100th anniversary of Karol Wojtyła’s birth. 

– People are sending intentions for loved ones, who are spiritually or physically sick, for overcoming addictions, especially alcoholism and drugs as well as for the entire nation.  Through the intercession of Saint John Paul II, they want to ask for the unity in the nation and for the strength and wisdom of people who govern our country.   There are also intentions for young generation so they could live in the sacramental grace, for right understanding of life –calls.  Some give thanks to God for marriage anniversaries or gift of parenthood – emphasizes Pastor Krzysztof Ziółkowski. 

Bishop of Warsaw-Prague Romuald Kamiński inaugurated the prayer.  He stressed the value of a prayer, noting that without it you cannot build faith.  At the same time, he pointed that a prayer is the source of wisdom and it allows to make the right decisions, and hence – go well through life.   –One need to resolve issues that affect and touch him or her during conversations with God in order to have the light, not to make mistakes, and not to have doubts – said Bishop Kamiński.  

He stressed that prayer allows us to accept and take difficult and painful experiences well.  -Suffering touches people on a daily basis in smaller or larger extend.   If we will unite the suffering with Jesus, if we will hold on to His cross, then it will make sense and it will have saving character – explained the Bishop.

He stressed that conversion is the condition of lasting peace between people men, the condition of reconcilement and love.  – All must take conversion, not just individuals.  Otherwise, conflicts will continue – warned the Bishop.  

After the liturgy, Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament took place, and faithful were paying homage to the relic of St. John Paul II.