The Foundation is able to realize its goals and purposes thanks to the financial and moral support it receives from its Friends, who see in the Foundation’s work a contribution to the great pontificate of John Paul II. The Holy Father emphasized the contributions and generosity of the Friends in his address to them at a private audience on October 26, 1995, when he said:

„The good work of the Foundation was made possible only through the good will of many people who individually and in an organized way through the Friends’ Chapters of the Foundation in many countries helped this important endeavor. … I thank you for what you are doing to help this valuable institution grow and I encourage you to continue your generosity in the future.”



– Join or organize a Chapter of the Friends of the Foundation;

– Spread information about the Foundation and its work;

– Send your gifts to the Foundation;

– Remember the Foundation in your Last Will.

In the intentions of all Benefactors special prayers are offered  daily in the Chapel of the Polish Home, especially on Thursday when special prayers are offered at the grave of the Servant of God, John Paul II.

Bank Account:

Fondazione Giovanni Paolo II

Iban IT28 C030 6909 6061 0000 0132 289


Name of the bank is: Intesa San Paolo