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When he had doubts, he was asking himself and coworkers

Karol Wojtyła had a vision of humanity and history, which allowed him to see the real causes of certain problems and situations.  This ability was associated with the fact that he was looking at everything in the perspective of faith.  He was taking everything as a sign of Divine Providence.  He tried to approach each question and solve problems in a spirit of faith and with the help of prayer.  What’s more, I have to say, that he was solving the problems literally on his knees.  That’s what he said himself a few days after the election, when going to the shrine in Mentorelli, one of his favorites, located near Rome: “Prayer is the first task of the Pope to the Church and the world” (…).  He was evaluating the reality, guided by the criteria relevant for human reflection, but always in relation to the Gospel.  And when he had doubts, he was asking himself and coworkers:   “What would Jesus do in those circumstances? How the Gospel is addressing this subject? “.

 At the permission of Cardinal Stanisław Dziwisz – “At the side of the Saint”

St. Stanislaus BM Publisher, Kraków 2013