What is it like to be a shadow of holiness?

Archbishop Mieczysław Mokrzycki was the shadow of John Paul II …

What is it like to be a shadow of holiness?

I tried to use this grace. Be close to the Holy Father, a holy man. And draw from this so many spiritual gifts. This is an extraordinary grace.

What did you get from this gift?

A lot. I learned from the Holy Father how to pray, respect other people, listening skills, and at the same time peace and patience.

Do you pray today to John Paul II?

Yes, I pray to him often. And ask him to watch over me, lead me.

And is guiding you?

He guides and helps. In different situations. And I am very grateful for that. Here in Lviv I am also trying to use what he taught me about pastoral work. I am a shy person by nature, it is not easy for me. But I’m trying. With God’s help and the St. John Paul.

Do you remember any of his words to comfort, when not everything goes your way? I don’t have any specific words in my memory. But I have the words of the Holy Father who says, “We will pray.” He always entrusted difficult matters to God and to the Mother of God. He did as much as he could, sometimes more. He entrusted the rest to the Mother of God. He had such peace and confidence. He taught me that. I try to do as much as I can and do my best.

What about the rest?

Please, let God acts. God’s grace would support my service, my words and my actions. May the grace of God would help people understand that it would work in their hearts.

With the consent of Archbishop Mieczysław Mokrzycki – “He liked Tuesdays best” Publisher M, Krakow 2008