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We were at his side all the time

We were from the early morning hours until late in the evenings.  We were accompanying the Holy Father from the morning Mass until the last evening hours.  We were with him all the time; when he was eating, meeting with guests, when he was praying and when he was working.

– And, were you talking with him not about all tasks, but from the heart?

– The Holy Father did not have a lot of time for this.  His daily schedule was very tight.  At the same time, we did not want to bother him with our problems.  He had to take care of the entire world.  However, when we were going for vacations to Castel Gandolfo, we were able to go for a long walks and that was the time, when we were able to talk.   We were able to talk about our lives, about our close family, about the Church, our dioceses.  Then, we had more time.  However, during a year, our talks were short.   When we were having a meal without any outside guests, just us, his secretaries, then, we had a chance to talk with the Holy Father.

–  What you were talking about at that time?  Did John Paul II confide to his secretaries?

–  The Holy Father sometimes talked about his day, we talked about plans for the next day, but to reveal some of his problems, issues – he rather did not do it.

–  Did he confide to God?

–  He rather took care of his issues with God

–  Was there anybody, beside God, with whom he was sharing his problems?

–  Cardinal Marian Jaworski, Rev. Professor Tadeusz Styczeń – these were the people closer to him.  We were for his daily tasks, for preparation of documents.  And, if he wanted some advice for any serious issue, let say “professional” issue, he always counseled competent people.

With the consent of Archbishop Mokrzycki “He liked Tuesdays the most”

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