We need healthy roots

On Thursday, February 14, in the chapel of the John Paul II Foundation Home, we celebrated a solemn Holy Mass on the occasion of the feast of Saint Cyril and Saint Methodius, patrons of Europe and also the patrons or our Foundation’s Home.

The Mass was celebrated by Fr. Marcin Sadowski former vicar of the St. Michael Archangel Parish in Płońsk, currently a student of liturgy at the Catholic University of Lublin. The Mass was concelebrated by:  Fr. Zdzisław Kozioł, Fr. Jan Strzałka, Fr.  Robert Ptak and other scholarship recipients’ priests.

In the homily, Fr. Marcin introduced us to the figures of Saint Cyril and Saint Methodius and quoted the words from the Slavorum Apostoli encyclical by John Paul II: ” Their work is an outstanding contribution to the formation of the common Christian roots of Europe, roots which by their strength and vitality are one of the most solid points of reference, which no serious attempt to reconstruct in a new and relevant way the unity of the Continent can ignore.”   The priest also mentioned that at the moment when Europe is constantly looking for its identity, reaching to its roots seems to be a prerequisite for the proper determination of its present and future times.

 After the Mass, we all were invited to the fall for snacks.

 Svitlana Slyvchenko

foto: S. Slyvchenko