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We ate outside under the sky from plastic plates

We were leaving in the morning just after breakfast.  Earlier, the police did an interview, prepared some secluded place where no one would interfere the Holy Father and where no one would be interfered by people who were accompanying the Pope.  Around 10:30 a.m., we were at the place and right away we were going for a walk.

– So, you were not going too far? Where were you going?

– For example, to the Shrine of Our Lady of Montorella. From the Vatican, it is about one and a half hour.  However, sometimes we were going further; to Tuscany, to Dolomites.  The place was always selected by gendarmes of the Vatican City.  Their wives were preparing meals.  We can say that this was a token of a gratitude to the Holy Father.  When we arrived at the place, right away we were going for a walk, while they were setting the table and camp chairs.  We were eating outside, under the sky on plastic plates.  We were camping.  Almost the same as the Holy Father used to camp with young people in mountains.  Before the meal, the Holy Father had some time for a book.  After the meal, up to 6 p.m., the Holy Father was praying and reading or writing, if he was working on some documents.  Sometimes in the evening, the gendarmes were setting up a camp fire.  These camps had such scouts ending.  We were sitting by the camp fire along with gendarmes from the Vatican, who came with us, and with the local ones who were securing the place.  We were going down in memory, we were singing.  These were beautiful moments.  And, the Holy Father enjoyed them a lot.  In the evening we were returning to the Vatican.

 – Who also accompanied the Holy Father in these trips?

 – Usually, one or two Secretaries and always someone else; somebody from the Curia or someone from the visitors.  Father Styczeń, Father Ryłko, Father Nowacki.  At the beginning, we were going twice in a month; later, just once; however, regardless if we were going or not, Tuesdays were free from audiences.

With the consent of Archbishop Mokrzycki “He liked Tuesdays the most”

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