Water procession

For the past five years, on the Assumption of Mary feast in a small Podlasie city, a water procession takes place.  It is a special prayer to Mother of God, united with meditation.  The procession also provides an opportunity for residents to integrate.  This is a unique procession from Nowodworc to Wasilkowa and it gathers approximately 100 people, who are actively participating in it by canoeing. Approximately, the same number of people gathers by four altars. People, who are not canoeing, can travel the distance between altars by foot or bicycling.  Faithful singing religious songs are canoeing in a slow pace on Supraśl River.  Stopping by each of four altars, they are praying Rosary and listening to Gospel.  The procession is led by a raft on which is placed the most important passenger – Our Lady of the Gate of Dawn depicted on a beautiful icon.  On the raft there are also other passengers – pastor of the Mother of Mercy Parish in Wasilkowa – the originator of the procession, the city authorities, people responsible for music accompaniment, and gentlemen who move the raft.  Faithful people are participating in the water procession to give thanks to God for the beautiful landscape. They are grateful for all graces the town is receiving and for fruits of their land.  They are praying for Our Lady’s intercession to God.