On Saturday, September 7, the Triptych from the parish of Our Lady of Częstochowa in Worcester was transferred to the Sanctuary of St. John Paul II Divine Mercy in Salem. On September 8, Fr. Robert Będziński, SChr the custodian of the sanctuary celebrated solemn Masses with gathered faithful. During the homily, he said: “Thanks be to God for the great gift that Our Lady of Czestochowa, St. John Paul II and St. Faustina in the Triptych are visiting us. How important for us is that visit in our Sanctuary. At this Shrine people gather together, asking God for all graces through the intercession of the saints. Persistent in prayer before the Triptych with the relics of St. John Paul II, they entrust to him their important matters, sometimes pains and sufferings. The Holy Pope is very close to us, not only to Poles, but to people of other nationalities gathered among us. “

After Holy Mass there was a veneration of the relics of St. John Paul II. At the end of Sunday celebrations, Fr. Robert encouraged all present to come to the Shrine next day to meet with the Mother of God, St. John Paul II and St. Sister Faustina. He added: “I believe that the Triptych pilgrimage, together with the relics, is an excellent form of preparation for the celebration of the 100 anniversaries of the birth of the Great Pope. It is also a great opportunity to recall the teaching of St. John Paul II, which is so important today.