The spiritual life of Bishop Karol Wojtyła

A moment of silence, silentium always preceded each holy Mass. When he was going by car to visit a parish or to participate in the holy Mass, then he was always silent, he did not waste any time for chatting. He was always concentrated, deeply in meditation and prayers. Before the celebration of the Blessed Sacrifice, he was spiritually preparing himself and then after the liturgy, kneeling in great concentration, he spent fifteen minutes to give thanks. During the Mass, he drew attention to the way he spoke individual words and made gestures, so the message and symbolism could be clear. Those who were present at the Eucharist felt that they were participating in the mystery. In celebrating the Most Holy sacrifice, he wanted to be in communion with others. Both in the in the private chapel and outside, in the parish or in the cathedral he was inviting other people to participate. He wanted to be faithful to the principle that the Holy mass should not be celebrated by the priest himself, but with people of God, who is participating in it: through Christ and with Christ.

Cardinal Stanisław Dziwisz – “Testimony”

TBA Publisher, Warszawa 2007