📷 Gasper Furman

The social consequences of the John Paul II liturgy

Clergy and publicists discussed at a conference in Rome

At the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross in Rome ended an international conference on the social consequences of the liturgies celebrated by John Paul II.  A lot of attention was paid to the political aspects of the Papal’s homilies and holy Masses.

Prof. Stefano Picciareda stressed that Italy was the second homeland for John Paul II.  For that reason, at the time of the deep political crisis in 1994 he wrote a prayer for Italy, he did not hesitate to sharply condemn the mafia and Italian terrorists.  The John Paul II theology of nation was mentioned many times.  He taught it to Italian people, but it was created earlier in Poland, where naturally where different conditions – emphasized Prof. Stefano Picciareda.\

Well-known Catholic philosopher and columnist Paweł Milcarek recalled that the John Paul II homilies had political consequences not only in Poland.  When we saw holy Masses in Nicaragua, Cuba, when we saw powerful crowds in Manila, then we were witnessing how a spontaneous organization was created often to a surprise of local regimes – he stressed.

Archbishop Piero Marini, one of John Paul II’s closest associates, attended the conference.