The parliament established the year 2020 as the Year of Saint John Paul II

The parliament established the year 2020 as the Year of Saint John Paul II. On May 18th, 2020, we will celebrate the 100th anniversary of the birth of Karol Wojtyła, the Holy Father John Paul II, “our great countryman, merited in fight for Poland’s freedom from the yoke of communism” – states the resolution.

417 members of the parliament voted for the resolution, while 4 were against it, no one abstained from voting.

Saint John Paul II has a special place in the history of Poland and Europe.  “His determined standing up for the right of our fatherland to freedom among European nations, His practical defense of the rights of our nation made the Holy Father the most important father of Poland’s independence.  During John Paul II’s first pilgrimage to Poland in 1979, He started the process, which resulted in creation of “Solidarność”, liberation of the nation from the communist regime and reconstruction of the unity of Europe.  Hence, for us, Poles, the pontificate of the Polish Pope has a special meaning” – we read in the resolution.

In the resolution it was highlighted that in the teaching of John Paul II we are finding what is the most important in our history.  “His attitude, His teaching is deeply rooted in the history of our nation.  The Holy Father was teaching how important is the recognition of human dignity, the respect of his/her rights, the skills of dialogue and forgiveness.  How much from the construction of the social order based on the truth, freedom and justice, from respect for every human being, from the defense of every human life from conception to natural death, from respect for family and natural ties among people, from creation of the civilization of love, how much from all of this depend fates of societies and its development as well as peace, both internal and international”- it was emphasized.

“Saint John Paul II was a man of peace and hope.  With unprecedented pleasantness and love, but also with unusual strength and confidence, he was pointing out to the entire world, to each community, to all people, each human being, how to make each life more humane.  He was teaching us that no community can survive without genuine solidarity, but also solidarity cannot exist without love.  We remember His words: Solidarity – that is to say: the one and the other, and since the burden, then the burden that is carried together in the community.  Hence, never: one against the other; one group against others.  And, never “the burden” carried by a man alone, without the help of others. It cannot be that the fight is more powerful than solidarity.  We recall wonderful moments which we experienced during unforgettable pilgrimages of the Holy Father John Paul II to Poland.  Poland, as the Pope was saying:  His heart was not able to leave.  It was an expression of the enormous love which the Holy Father had to Poland and to each of us” – is written in the resolution.

In the resolution it was mentioned that Saint John Paul II, while He was still among us, said that He would like to be remembered as the “Family Pope.” He constantly stressed that a family is the greatest treasure of the nation, as it is a school of social virtues which constitute the life and social progress. Saint John Paul II made concerns for the family the center of His teaching.  With words and by the example, He was teaching how important traditional family is in social life, a family, which is the true environment of life and love.  How touching are His words:  O, how I wish, I, who owe my life, faith and language to Polish family, that this family will never cease to be strong with God.  For it to be able to overcome all what makes it weak and falling apart – all, what does not allow it to be the true environment of life and love.” – It was emphasized.

“He was and is for us a guide, with whom we can securely walk.  His conduct was an expression of the extraordinary courage.  In 1981, He survived the assassination attempt.  On the St. Peter’s Square, He was shot by a Turkish assassin, most likely on the order of Soviet special service.  On April 2, 2005, with a great pain we said goodbye to our beloved Pope, who went to the House of the Father and, as we believe, He intercede for us and bless us from heaven.  With this resolution, the Parliament of Poland expresses gratitude and pays homage to the Great Pope John Paul II, who going back to the sources of Christianity, was teaching us to be open, understanding, but also to be courageous in defending Christian values, on which Poland and Europe is based.  Let teaching and the great legacy, which Saint John Paul II left us, continuously be the inspiration for our nation to build free and righteous Poland” – it was added to the resolution.


Anna Kondek-Dyoniziak