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The great desire and plan of John Paul II came true

Each subsequent trip to Poland was as usual – more cheerful, more joyful, lighter than all others. That’s what the other secretary of the Pope saw. We were among our own. The reactions of people were more understandable, they were natural to us. The Holy Father who taught in Polish was also more moved. Less stress was more peace and joy. As during the last pilgrimage, in Łagiewniki in Krakow. There, the great desire and plan of John Paul II came true. He had a great devotion to the Divine Mercy, he wanted to entrust the world to God’s mercy. And he trusted. Just in Łagiewniki, in the place of sister Faustina. The Holy Father was very happy that he could consecrate the church and that he was accompanied by so many countrymen.

– It’s for the world. And now about what’s for yourself. On Sunday evening, the Pope met with schoolmates …

– Fourteen of them came, including four friends with whom he passed the high school diploma many years ago. The dinner lasted about an hour. In the meantime, the Holy Father went out to the window so that the tradition would be done. He talked to the young people standing outside the window and returned to the guests. As usual, as in the Vatican, he did not speak much. Rather, he listened to stories from school years, memories of middle school friends. He was tired, but his eyes were laughing. That was always the case when he had friends from Wadowice or Cracow near him. It was a piece of the past, not an easy one, but so dear to him.

– Was he sorry to leave them?

– I think very much, but I remember that he arranged a meeting at Castel Gandolfo in a year, for the 25th anniversary of his pontificate and for the 65th anniversary of the baccalaureate. The Holy Father said: “God willing.” But it did not happen.

With the consent of Archbishop Mieczysław Mokrzycki – “Most he liked Tuesdays”

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