The eloquence of the rites of Holy Week

“In these days of Holy Week, we enter into the heart of God’s saving plan. The Church, (…), wishes to remind everyone that Christ died for every man and woman, because the gift of salvation is universal. The Church shows the face of a crucified God, who does not frighten but communicates only love and mercy. One cannot be indifferent to Christ’s sacrifice! Feelings of deep gratitude spontaneously arise in the minds of those who pause to contemplate the Lord’s Passion. By ascending Calvary in spirit with him, in a certain way we can experience the light and joy that radiate from his Resurrection. We relive all this, with God’s help, in the Easter Triduum. Through the eloquence of the rites of Holy Week, the liturgy will show us the unbreakable continuity between the Passion and the Resurrection. Christ’s Death already holds within itself the seed of the Resurrection.”

         John Paul II – The eloquence of the rites of Holy Week – April 19, 2000