The “Andrzejkowy” Ball in the Polish Catholic Parish in Munich


On Saturday, November 30, 2019, the “Andrzejkowy” ball was organized by the John Paul II Foundation Munich Chapter.  It was the first ball organized by the Chapter.  The main idea was to organize a ball for Polonia and to donate the proceeds from it to the John Paul II Foundation.   That idea was once presented at one of the Chapter’s meetings and resulted in a wonderful ball for 120 people. The ball was solemnly opened by Pastor Stanisław Pławecki and Marta Czempik, President of the Chapter.  The hall where the ball was taking place was decorated in Papal’s colors: balloons and bouquets were arranged in white and yellow.  The music was provided by a duo from Munich, which was performing mainly Polish entertainment pieces.   Also, Polish food was served, with pastries and cakes which deserve a special distinction.  Members of the Chapter prepared a lottery, in which all tickets had some prize.  At the end of the ball, three more prizes were drawn among the lottery participants.  The main prize was a medal issued on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of John Paul II Foundation.  The medal had the image of the Saint Patron.  The chocolate waltz during which Wedel’s chocolates were available for the purchase was another big attraction during the ball.  Members of the Chapter were constantly taking care of the guests.   Unfortunately, a very successful evening passed extremely quickly.  We are pleased to have taken up this project despite lack of experience.  Our effort was rewarded: guests had fun and we are able to support the John Paul II Foundation with the proceeds from the ball.

Beata Tomczyk-Paniak