Tatr ani Bieszczad w Watykanie nie miał.

“Sing Mieciu”

When asked about the most lovable memory from those years, Archbishop Mokrzycki talks about walks which they had in gardens of the Papal summer residence.  The Holy Father was going to Castel Gandolfo after Easter, after Christmas, and for vacations, of course: at the end of July, August, and almost to the end of September.  At one time, it was after Easter, he went by himself with the Holy Father for a walk to the garden.  We approached the statue of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception.  We were supposed to pray over there the Regina Caeli prayer.  The Holy Father prayed this prayer in Latin. While I, when we were approaching this statue, was very afraid as I realized that soon we are going to pray with this prayer and I totally have forgotten the lines.   It turned out, that it was not so tragic.  The Holy Father was praying along with me and I was saved.  However, I still remember this anxiety.

–        Did the Holy Father like to sing in those gardens?

–          Over there, we had our walks together.  We were praying Rosary and Fr. Styczeń, who was walking with us, was giving us some philosophical reflections.  And then, when we were returning home, in front of Our Lady statue, we were singing the Jasna Góra Appeal and other Marian songs.  The Holy Father was always saying “sing Mieciu”.  And, we had to sing some songs.  At the end of the day, the Holy Father liked to sing the song which he used to sing in the past, when on canoeing trips: “O, the One who scepter’s land and sea listens to.  The only One, after God, my relief.” (…)  That was one of the favorite songs of the Holy Father.  We were always singing it on the way back home.

–          I thought that the “Barge” song was the favorite Oaza’s movement song of the Pope?

–          It was rather during his pilgrimages, but at home, during our walks in Castel Gandolfo we were not singing the “Barge” song.

–          Did the Archbishop (you) know all these songs, or have to learn them?

–          Some of them I knew.  “O, the One who scepter’s land and sea listens to…” I also knew, but not all verses.  The Holy Father helped me a little and this way, I learned the entire song by heart.

–          As, the Holy Father said “sing Mieciu” there was no excuse?

–          Yes, but I was able to manage that somehow.

With the consent of Archbishop Mokrzycki “He liked Tuesdays the most”

M Publisher, Kraków 2008