Saint Pio of Pietrelcina

 “With his teaching and example, Padre Pio invites us to prayer, encourages us to confide in God’s mercy through the sacrament of penance and calls us to love our neighbor. He especially recommends us to love and honor Mary. His devotion to Mary is visible in all aspects of his life, in his teachings, writings, in teaching and in his advices which he was giving to his many spiritual sons and daughters. As a true son of Francis of Assisi, from whom he learned to address Mary with beautiful words of honor and love (cf. Saluto alla Vergine, in: “Fonti Francescane », 59), the new blessed tirelessly propagated the faithful Marian devotion to every person, rooted in the authentic Tradition of the Church. At the confessional and when he was saying the homily, he constantly said: I Love Mary! “At the end of his earthly life, he thought – as he was doing all his life – to the Blessed Virgin: ” Please love Mary and spread the love for Her. Pray the rosary always.”     

                  John Paul II – Meditation before the prayer “Regina caeli”. 02/05/1999