Saint Marcin – patron of Europe

The oldest temple in Rome, dedicated to Saint Martin, dated on the fifth century, is “San Martino al Monti” on the Oppio Hill. In addition, many churches around the world bear his name; in France there are about 4,000, and 220 cities bear his name. St. Martin’s name has Bratislava cathedral and two churches in Cologne, but also over 500 churches in Spain, 700 in Italy, 350 in Hungary. Canterbury Cathedral, the most important Anglican church, also bears Martin’s name. In the late Middle Ages, there were over 3,600 churches in France bearing his name. The name Martin is one of the most popular in France. In September 1996, John Paul II, as the sixth pope, visited the tomb of the patron of the Archdiocese of Tours and solemnly opened the Year of St. Martin, commemorating the 1600th anniversary of the death of this apostle of the French village. The Polish Pope met poor and sick people there. John Paul II said to them “the society can be seen in the way it treats the lives of wounded people and what attitude it shows towards them”. St. Marcin is the patron of the army, knights, soldiers, travelers, refugees, blacksmiths and airmen, alpine shepherds, beggars, shepherds, vineyard owners, tanners, hotel owners and many others. From the name of the saint, it took the name of Martinique in the Antilles.