Saint Charles Borromeo – November 4

Today’s liturgical memorial of Saint Charles Borromeo is an opportunity to remind you that he was the patron of the baptism of Saint Karol Wojtyła. John Paul II on November 4, 1978, said: “My beloved parents gave me the name Karol, which was also my father’s name. Undoubtedly, they never thought that this name could open for their child the way to the greatest events of the Catholic Church.

Saint Charles! Many times, I have knelt in front of his relics in the cathedral of Milan. Many times, I have wondered about his life, thinking of this man of God and servant of the Church. Charles Borromeo, cardinal, bishop of Milan and man of the Catholic Council. […] My patron! Giving me his name, my parents, my parish, my homeland, wanted me to be prepared from the very beginning for a special service in the Church. […] May I at least be a small follower of his greatness! I expect that your prayers, the prayers of all good, kind people, my brothers, will help me in this “(Vatican, 4 November 1978).