Sacred Heart of Jesus

“I, therefore call all the faithful to continue to cultivate the cult of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, adjusting it to our times, so that they can continue to draw from His unfathomable richness and know how to respond to It with joy, loving God and brothers, finding peace, entering the path of reconciliation and enforcing their hope that one day they will live the fullness of God in communion with all saints (see Litany to the Sacred Heart).  Also to the next generation should be instilled the desire to meet the Lord, to stare at Him, so they could respond to the call to holiness and discover their special mission in the Church and in the world (…) Indeed, “the love of God, the priceless gift of the Heart of Jesus Christ and His Spirit” will be given to people, so they, in return, may become the witness of the love of God (Pius XII, encyclical Haurietis aquas, III)

John Paul II, June 4, 1999

Letter of the Holy Father, John Paul II to the Bishop of Lyon
on the one hundred anniversaries of the consecration
of the human race to the Sacred Heart of Jesus