Retreat – “On the forgotten roads”

The retreat is a special time for every believer. These days are also organized for scholarship recipients of the John Paul II Foundation. The second series of retreats took place in the monastery of the Priests of the Sacred Heart in Pliszczyn on 21-24 February. The motto was the words “On the forgotten roads”. Spiritual retreat was presided by Fr. Adam Pastorczyk, priest from the Sacred Heart Order. The retreat program in

cluded Masses, religious services, conferences, religious movies, projections and integration meetings. Participants of the retreat had chance to go to the sacrament of penance and talk personally with Fr. Adam on the different topics. We would like to thank you very much, Father Adam for your time dedicated to us and the word of God addressed to us. Special thanks to Fr. Andrzej, who dedicated himself with great devotion and gave to us room and board. Also, we would like to thank to all our Benefactors of the John Paul II Foundation; thanks to them we can participate in a scholarship program, of which the spiritual and religious formation is an important part.We returned to Lublin, trusting that Jesus Christ is and will always be the Lord of our life. Now we are no longer afraid to continue our path, for we are sure that God will help us in our journey of life.

Oleh Dub

Photos: V. Sorokina, V. Andrushchyshyna