Małgorzata Raducha i rektor Uniwersytetu w Tbilisi Vaja Vardidze 📷 Małgorzata Raducha

Rector of the University in Tbilisi: Vaja Vardidze – alum of the John Paul II Foundation

May 26th is the Independence Day of Georgia.  It was established to commemorate the day when Georgia for the first time gained its independence in 1918.  What is the Polish-Georgia relations?

Nations that are fighting for independence, freedom and sovereignty, as over the years fought Georgia and Poland, become closer as Poles supported the Georgians with reciprocity.   On August 12, 2008, late president Lech Kaczyński along with other presidents of the Central European countries organized a supporting rally.

A very important role in the Polish-Georgian relations played Prof. Maria Filina, the founder of the Cultural and Educational Association of Poles in Georgia.  Prof. Filina is a great man, the mother of all people of Polish origins.  (…)  She united a group of people – now, they are older people scattered across Georgia.  Mrs. Filina is also my great teacher, thanks to whom I learned Polish language – said Tamriko Lordkipanidze, Georgia’s Ambassador.

We are learning that the Prof. Filina’s background is very interesting.  My grandmother Maria Zawada, came from the same area of the Niemen Rriver, where the estate of the husband of Eliza was located.  My great grandmother was Michalina Orzeszkówna – said Prof. Filina in the interview with Małgorzata Raducha.

We are learning that Georgia is the country where reigns traditional music and polyphonic singing.  It was noticed by the special UNSECO commission and it included Georgian music into the list of intangible heritage.  Georgia is the birthplace of this music – this comment was stated.

Who was Grzegorz Peradze?  How a Polish Card can be obtained?  What else unites Georgian nation with Poland?

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