Pope at Angelus

Pope at Angelus: It Doesn’t Matter Who You Know, to Get to Heaven, You Need a Good Life of Faith

It does not matter who you know, it takes a good life of faith, to get you to Heaven.

Pope Francis stressed this during his Aug. 25 Angelus Address to the faithful in St. Peter’s Square as he reflected on today’s Gospel according to Luke, where a man asks Jesus whether it is true that only a few make it to Paradise. Jesus reorients the question, explaining there is ‘no quota’, but notes that what matters is living a good life, full of faith. The Pope added off the cuff that it is not who you know that counts, nor what titles you have. “The Lord will not recognize us for the titles we have,” he said. ‘But Lord I was part of that association, friends with that monsignor, with that cardinal, that group, that priest.’ Titles do not count,” he underscored, stressing: “The Lord will only recognize us for a good humble and good life, a life of faith that is translated into works.”

For us Christians, the Pope said this means that we are called to establish a true communion with Jesus, praying, going to church, approaching the Sacraments and nourishing ourselves with His Word. Since this keeps us in faith, nourishes our hope, and revives charity, he noted, that with God’s grace, “we can and must spend our lives for the good of our brothers, fighting against every form of evil and injustice.”

“May the Virgin Mary help us in this,” he highlighted.

“She went through the narrow door, who is Jesus. She welcomed Him with all her heart and followed Him every day of her life, even when she didn’t understand, even when a sword pierced her soul.” For this reason, he explained, we invoke Mary as “Door of Heaven.”

This ‘door,’ he reiterated, is that to God’s heart, which follows the ‘Way’ of Jesus. It is, Francis said, “demanding, but open to all.”

The Holy Father prayed that Mary, who helps us enter through this ‘narrow door,’ gives us the strength to living a life worthy to pass through it.