Peregrination of the Triptych in Europe

The year 2020 is the year of the Great Jubilee of the 100th anniversary of the birth of the Great Pope Saint John Paul II.  Wishing to prepare spiritually for the celebration of this anniversary in the Chapters of the John Paul II Foundation, peregrination of the Triptych (with the icon of Our Lady of Częstochowa and images of St. John Paul II and St. Faustina) started in the United States.

The second Triptych which will be peregrinating in Europe was blessed by Archbishop Stanisław Gądecki, Chairman of the Polish Episcopate at Jasna Góra on August 26th of this year in the Our Lady of Częstochowa Chapel during the Feast of Our Blessed Mother.  The Triptych was given to Father Stanisław Pławicki, CSsR, PhD the pastor of the Cathedral in Munich.  Currently, the Triptych is in Germany.  The peregrination will start on October 12th at the Polish Catholic Mission in Munich.

 Through the peregrination of the Triptych, following St. John Paul II, we would like to entrust to Mother of God ourselves, our families, our Foundation, the Church and the entire world, which needs God’s mercy so much.