Saint Teresa of Calcutta Parish, a diverse parish in Manchester, Connecticut, located within the Archdiocese of Hartford, was blessed to have received a Triptych with the icon of the Blessed Mother of Czestochowa, and the images of Saint John Paul II and Sister Faustina on its pilgrimage to various locations throughout the Unites States this past week.  Delivered personally by Monsignor Anthony Czarnecki, the Triptych was welcomed by parishioners on October 20. The Triptychremained present at our daily mass throughout the week to receive the many prayers of our faithful and diverse parishioners representing cross-cultural backgrounds.

It was an honor and a privilege for our members to express their gratitude to God for the beloved Pope, whose relic is at our Saint Bartholomew Church, one of the two churches along with Saint Bridget Church that make-up Saint Teresa of Calcutta Parish.  Because of this great opportunity, many of our parishioners expressed how very powerful an experience it was, and how they felt they obtained special graces through his intercession.  It was a time for all of our diverse members to come together and share in his tremendous and effective ministry.

We publicly thank the Vatican Foundation of John Paul II for this opportunity to have Triptych in our parish. It was very meaningful and historic visit.