On March 26, 1884 was born Emilia Wojtyła – Mom of Karol Wojtyła (St. John Paul II)

Emilia Wojtyła née Kaczorowska was born on March 26, 1884 in Kraków as the fifth child in the family of Feliks, who was working as a saddler, and Maria.  Emilia Wojtyła had eight siblings.   She graduated from a Catholic school run by the Daughters of Divine Charity Sisters.  In 1906, Emilia married Karol Wojtyła.  She was taking care of the home and her two sons Edmund and Karol, as the middle daughter Olga died soon after birth.  Emilia had a frail health and died on April 13, 1929 due to inflammation of the heart and kidneys.  She was buried in the parish cemetery in Wadowice and later on, she was moved to the Rakowicki Cemetery in Kraków. 

I lost my Mom before the First Communion, when I was 9 years old, and thus I do not remember her well and I am less aware of her contribution in my religious upbringing, however certainly she did a lot in that matter.

(John Paul II, “Gift and Mystery”, St. Stanislaus B. & M. Publisher, Kraków 1996)