Missionary from the Amazon

Every year, Fr. Zbigniew Kowalczyk, a missionary from Brazil, visits the John Paul II Foundation to share his experience of arduous work in the Amazon.

For many years, he is involved in helping the poor Indians living in the jungle near Manaus.   He also gives his pastoral care to religious sisters from the community Agape da Cruz, who are helping children, especially victims of sexual abuse in their families.  As Father Zbigniew mentions – it is a huge problem in the Amazon.  Among the poor youth, Fr. Kowalczyk sees a great potential of the faith and future vocations.  Thus, during each visit at the Foundation, he asks for prayers, as well as for pictures of Saint John Paul II.  During his last visit, the Foundation donated 500 images of St. John Paul II with relics and with a prayer in the Portuguese language as well as other gifts for young people.

 At the last retreats, young people from Manaus from the community of Arniston Bay de Misericordia prayed for all the members of the John Paul II Foundation.   Saint John Paul II was their Patron.