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Mexicans felt distinguished by John Paul II

 The first pilgrimage together to North America and the first impressions. How was it?

– Mexico loved him.  The entire Latin America loved him.   Our Lady was on the first place following by the Holy Father.   Moreover, they felt distinguished by John Paul II, as for his first apostolic pilgrimage he went to Mexico.  And there he said:  “Mexico – always faithful.”  They treated him like their own and they always showed him great love and tremendous respect.  I remember streets covered with flowers – literally carpets made of flowers, long kilometers.  We did not have it in Poland.  They had such tradition.  On streets singing crowds of people.

 How did the Holy Father react?

 He was happy and very grateful.  I remembered the homily in the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadeloupe in the capital of Mexico, and such a thrilling silence, when the Holy Father was almost shouting defending the victims of terrorism, violence and drug trafficking.  I remember a touching meeting with sick patients in the Lopez Mateosa’s hospital.  After the official meeting and blessing, already without cameras, the Holy Father went to those who were sick the most: cancer and AIDS.  Then, we flew to the United States. There was a beautiful meeting with young people in Saint Louis and his call for them to be the “light of the world”.  And, this eloquent farewell: “Thus, America:  if you desire peace, take care of righteousness, defend life.  If you desire life, embrace the truth revealed by God.

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