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John Paul II saved our child. It was a miracle! (Testimony)

For a long time, my husband and I were trying to have a second child.  Our efforts were failing.  So, I decided to change my priorities. I changed jobs and started a specialist course.  Now, it certainly was not the time to get pregnant.  After 6 months on my new position, I was able to take vacations and go for scheduled appointment with a gynecologist.  And… CONGRATULATIONS!!! – said the doctor after the examination.  The world stopped for a moment.  I was happy, but at the same time I was worrying; new job, a contract for a specific time, problems at work that my husband had and additionally this specialization.  Will I be able to do it?

At work, I met with understanding and there was no problem.  I was able to finish the course despite my pregnancy.  My tummy was growing and there was a time for prenatal tests.   During the first test, I learned that the fetus has spina bifida.  I was speechless.  I am a nurse by profession, and I know what the patients face every day.  When I told my husband about the result of the test, I did not get the expected support from him.  I was left alone with the problem.  The only thing that a woman in such situation wants to hear is probably some words of support and encouragement.   I got to understand that he is not ready to have a sick child.  But who is ready for it?

I started to pray earnestly through the intercession of the Holy Father, John Paul II, so that he would have this little child in his care.  I spoke with my husband one more time and explained that maybe we were chosen to provide care and home to such sick child.  The days and months were passing by and the next prenatal examination was approaching.  This time a shock and disbelief – there was no signs of the previous diagnosis.  However, the size of the side chambers of the brain was alarming.  Hydrocephalus. The following months passed in fear of the child’s health and life.  How my husband will react now?  It was not an easy time.  My husband accepted another bad news.  My pregnancy with the second child was so uneasy that I did not talk to him or her.  I cannot point the reason; most likely it was the fear that something will go wrong, and I may lose my pregnancy.

I kept on praying.  When there was the time to give birth, a healthy, big boy came to the world.  Ten points in the apgar scale, 3800 g, 60 cm.  Tears were going down abundantly.  Paweł was born on May 18, 2015. Holy Father John Paul II also was celebrating his birthday on May 18.  I believe that it was a sign that they share the same birth day.  That was the sign and not the only sign that he is present in our lives.

It is worth to believe and have trust in God’s plan; even if it was supposed to be the exam of our faith.