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Ełk and Kraków already with Mother

To the Shrine of Jasna Góra already 3 thousand pilgrims arrived.  Among them is one of the largest one that is, the 39th Pilgrimage from Kraków and from Elbląg. – You are the spark that can change the world – reminded pilgrims at Jasna Góra, Bishop Jerzy Mazur from Ełk.

Archbishop Marek Jędraszewski personally greeted pilgrims from Kraków.  Later, he celebrated a Mass at Shrine of Jasna Góra that crowned their pilgrimage efforts.  In his homily, Archbishop related to the Liturgy of the Word and the Gospel, which described the need to wait for and anticipate the coming of the Lord.  To wait for, it means to guard our own Christian identity, our own Christina “I”, and thus not to allow the spirit of lie to take over us and not to succumb to conformism so popular today.  To wait for, means also to strongly reject that anthropological error that threatens us in the form of two great, very dangerous ideologies: ideology of gender and ideology LGBT.  The Archbishop added that the Christian has to be constantly ready for the coming of the Lord.  He quoted words from a letter he just recently received and in which the writer reminded:  “About death, we need to think before death, so – when it will come – be ready and even honestly be happy that Jesus and the eternity is coming.  We are departing. The body no longer is functioning, but the soul is absorbed by love.  We are immersing in eternity.  A happy eternity is for those who love God a certain reality as it was guaranteed and sealed by the Blood of Jesus.  Look at His wounds and not to be afraid. You will fall asleep to wake up right away.”

Very beautiful song the anthem of the Warsaw’s WAPM pilgrimage

As every year, Warsaw’s Academic Metropolitan Pilgrimage has its own anthem which was especially composed to relate to the motto of this year’s pilgrimage going to the Shrine of Jasna Góra. This is a very beautiful song “Open the door to Christ”

Wrocław already with Mother

The 39th Wrocław Pilgrimage reached Jasna Góra today. In the pilgrimage participated 1, 550 people.  Pilgrims from Lower Silesia prayed for a revival of the faith and for the faithfulness for believers, for the new breath of Live-Giving Spirit.  They entrusted to Mary organization of the European Youth Meeting Taize, which will take place in Wrocław.  In the pilgrimage walked by foot the Auxiliary Bishop of Wrocław Jacek Kiciński.  In the interview with the media, he admitted that the most important were multiple testimonies of pilgrims who described how the pilgrimage changed their lives.