Casa per i pellegrini a Roma




Polish Home of John Paul II at Via Cassia 1200 in Rome is a living witness of the long and rich pontificate of John Paul II.  It is more than just a symbol.  It could be easily said, that the idea of its establishment was born already at the moment when, from the Basilica of St. Peter, the words announcing to the world election of the Krakow’s Cardinal Karol Wojtyła as the Successor of Saint Peter was delivered.  When on October 23, 1978, during the first audience for Poles, after the pontificate inauguration, the Holy Father said “don’t leave me here alone”, there were no doubts that pilgrimages to Rome will began at an increased scale.  A pilgrim, however, needs a decent place to stay.  Hence, an idea to give to the Holy Father a house.  The response from Poles from around the world was prompt.  Rapidly, committees in various countries, especially in the United States and Canada, were created and promptly they collected the required 2, 5 million dollars.  A suitable house – located in a garden, with a green space and many parking lots – was found at Via Cassia 1200.  Not in the center of a big city, but in the north-western part of Rome, with a 12 km distance from Vatican, built in sixties of the twentieth century for the need of the Congregation of dei Sacri Cuori e dell’Adorazione.

Keys to this Home were presented to the Holy Father on Saturday, November 7, 1981 during the special audience held in the Paul VI Hall.  John Paul II said, then:  “(…) somehow this was created in relation to my person, in connection to my election on the Holy See in Rome; hence, my deep gratitude and, at the same time, desire that it would very well serve in accordance with its designation. “  On the following day, the Holy Father came to the Polish Home to personally take it over and bless, by His presence to take an ownership.  A plaque in the entrance hall commemorates this event. At the chapel, He made a speech to all who were present during that event.  He did not use notes.  He was acting as it was His residence at Franciszkańska 3, as it was His chapel. He made a speech as if He was talking to His closed ones, to those who you just say what lies on your heart.  “I’m accepting this gift the way you are presenting this to me.  I’m accepting it, so I could offer it to Polish pilgrims and Polish pilgrimages.” (Rev. Mieczysław Maliński, “Rome’s Chronicle”, 1985 no. 35/36, p. 6-8).  The Pope was saying then, that the Polish Home should serve “the pilgrimage of each man, and especially each Polish man, from Poland or from any part of the world” that it should be “a place where a pilgrim can stop, where he can stay, to which he is coming and from which he is leaving: strengthened, spiritually lifted, directed to a new hope.”        Since that time, thirty years has already passed.  To each of these years we can relate words of Rev. Maliński.  If we would like to describe the history of the Polish Home written by those years, it would have been interesting and voluminous. And it would have a common word HOME.

The Home of John Paul II continuously was trying and still is to meet the goals which the Home was given.  It opens widely the doors for arriving pilgrims.  It provides not only a roof and food for the body, but most of all it takes care of the spiritual aspect of the pilgrimage.  At the chapel of the Polish Home, a Mass with a homily is celebrated daily.  Confession is available and in the evening there is a Eucharistic Devotion and Song/Prayer to the Blessed Mother called Jasnogórski Apel.  In our joint prayer, we remember our living and deceased Benefactors.  Among them, on the first place is Saint John Paul II, about whom you can learn more from our reach collection at the Center for Documentation and Research of the Pontificate of John Paul II, and especially relics of His blood, which with honors are located in the chapel.   At the Home, there is a Polish spirit, Polish atmosphere, Polish hospitality and kindness.  At the Home everybody knows who is who.  Everyone who works here knew what he was taking.  You need to be everything to everybody.  You need to directed to the dining room, reserve a car service, inform where is the closest bank or a post office, inform how to get to the centre of the city, help navigate through Rome, find a phone number, find lost address, bring a medicine for a cold or headache.  To do all the requests with the smile of a sister, with the hand of a brother, with the understanding of a mother, with the wisdom of a father, to whom you can come with any matter not being afraid that weakness, lack of knowledge, ineptitude will be used in any way.

Efficient functioning of the Home requires continuous attention. During the past years, many expensive renovations were done to modernize the building and make it more suitable for the needs of the pilgrims.  And still they are coming in a great number.  They are coming in groups or individually.  Recently, more often we have family groups or individual pilgrims.  Annotations in our Memorable Book indicate that our Guests were very satisfied and are planning to come back.

We are cordially inviting to our Polish Home all who are planning to visit tombs of Apostles at the Eternal City, would like to meet with the Holy Father, and also pray at the Saint John Paul II altar at the Vatican’s Basilica.


At the Home, there is a chapel where daily a Holy Mass is celebrated at 7:30 a.m.  At 8:45 p.m. there is a Eucharistic Devotion (on Sundays – Vespers) along with the Apel Jasnogórski.  Confession is also available.

At the chapel, relics of St. John Paul II are stored with honors.


To pilgrims and tourists we offer rooms for 1, 2, 3 and 4 people.

In total we have 100 rooms and half of them are with bathrooms.


  • in camera per 2 o 3 persone con bagno – 25 euro a persona;
  • senza bagno – 20 euro a persona;
  • in camera per 4 persone con bagno – 20 euro a persona.

Al prezzo totale va aggiunta la tassa turistica 3,50€ al giorno (da ogni perdona che supera 10 anni di vita).

Children up to 4 years old stay for free, children between the ages of 4 – 7 years old may receive 50% discount.

Groups: for a group of 25 people, one person stays for free. For a group, we can also organize sightseeing of Vatican and Rome, trips outside of Rome, car service from and to airport.

For individual people, we are offer car service from both airports (Fiumicino and Ciampino):

  • 1-4 persone 40 euro (più piccolo bagaglio)
  • 4 persone con bagagli grandi 50 euro.
  • 5-6 persone 50 euro
  • 7-8 persone 60 euro

The need for a car service from/to airport needs to be requested at the time of the reservation.

Wi-Fi is available for free at the entire Polish Home.


Meals can be requested:

Breakfast – 3 euro (from 6:30 a.m. to 8:15 a.m.)

Dinner-supper – 12 euro (from 7:15 p.m.)

For individuals who would like to prepare meals by themselves, there is a special kitchen on the 3rd floor with necessary amenities (dishes, gas stove, refrigerators).


We are providing free parking for individual cars and buses.

The Home is surrounded by a big garden. The green space and peace allows to rest after the all-day long sightseeing.


At the Polish Home you can view personal items which John Paul II used as well as may gifts that the Pope received during His pontificate.  The Center for Documentation and Research of the Pontificate of John Paul II takes care of this rich collection (  The main goal of the Center is documentation and research of the Pope John Paul II pontificate.

OUR LOCATION  (How to get to us?)

The Polish Home is located in the north-western part of Rome, in a 12 km distance from Vatican.

Commute from the Center of Rome:

  • bus no. 201 from Piazza Mancini;
  • bus no. 907 from Via Cipro;
  • train FM3 (going to Viterbo, Cesano or Bracciano), exit on the La Giustiniana station.  Once you leave the station go to your right.  From the station to the Home you can also get by bus no. 021, 201, 223 (total 3 stops) or it will take 10 min by foot.

Arrival by car from Grande Racordo Annulare (GRA, Ring):

  • Exit (uscita) no. 5 in the direction to Cassia – Viterbo

By the gate of the Polish Home of John Paul II there is a white-red flag.



To reserve a room please contact us via phone or by email:

Polish Home of John Paul II
Via Cassia, 1200
00189 Roma

Phone (0039) 06 30365181, (0039) 06 30310398

Fax: (0039) 06


Reservation Office is open during the following hours:

Monday – Friday: 9:30 a.m. – 1:15 p.m.; 4:30 p.m. – 6:30 p.m.

Saturday: 9:30 a.m. – 1:15 p.m.;


Fondazione Giovanni Paolo II,
Via Cassia 1200, 00189 Roma,

Filiale: 05000
Via Manzoni Ang. Via Verdi,
20121 Milano,
IBAN    IT30 F033 5901 6001 0000 0012 014

In the title, please provide the reservation date and the name on which the reservation was made.