It was beautiful. The Holy Father was very happy

Stations of the Cross had a very special meaning for John Paul II.  He prayed it every Friday, Every Friday, throughout the year.  For him it was the experience of the Passion of Christ the Savior, who offered His life for us, who redeemed us.  It was, in a way, it was a votive offering of the Holy Father for the gift of redemption.

He asked for the Station of the Cross to be placed on the roof of the Papal apartment.  He liked to pray them over there the most.   When I ask for the most touching moment of the service, the Archbishop smiles and talks about the Stations of the Cross at the Strawberry Island; eighteen hectares on Simcoe Lake near Toronto.  Over there, in July 2002, John Paul II went for vacations, exactly before the World Youth Days in Toronto.  It was Friday and the Holy Father wanted to pray the Stations of the Cross. However, on this island there were very modest conditions.  We lived in barracks; the chapel was located in one room; such, Oasis Movement center for young people.  However, not so far there was a small forest with paths as in Kalwaria Zebrzydowska.  Father Stanisław suggested to take the Holy Father over there in an electric car.  I remember how we were praying the Stations of the Cross going through this forest from station to station. It was beautiful.  The Holy Father was very happy.

With the consent of Archbishop Mokrzycki “He liked Tuesdays the most”

Publisher M, Kraków 2008