Dzień powszedni Papieża

I am praying for the entire world

xHe was praying for everyone, with whom he met.  He was praying before the meeting and after it.  He was saying: “I will remember in the prayer”, “I am praying for you.”  These were not empty words.  The Holy Father was extremely gifted intellectually, he had a great memory.  Once, he said: “I am praying for the entire world.”  And, then during supper he started to list republics and countries of Africa and Asia.  I thought that he indeed is praying for the entire world.  He includes the entire world in his thoughts and prayers; specific countries, specific provinces, specific people.  He had this in his memory.

–  And, if somebody or something was not in his memory, then it was written on a small piece of paper…

– We were putting them for the Holy Father on his kneeler; thirty, forty per day.  These were prayer request submitted to the Secretariat of State.  On the beginning, we were re-writing them on the typewriter and then on a computer; specific date, name, country of origin and of course, the prayer request.  That is precisely, who and what prayer request was submitted.  When the Holy Father was coming in the morning to the chapel, the small pieces of paper were already waiting for him.  He was reading them and presented them to Our Lord.

–  All of them?

–  All of them.  These were prayer requests from the Faithful from various parts of the world.  Often requests for conversion, for return to health, for successful operation.  Also, in the intention of deceased and love ones.  There were many requests for the grace of parenting.

–  Were they sending replies? Confirmations that the requests were heard.

–  Often.  Probably, the most thank you letters were sent precisely for the grace of parenting.  All such letters were then archived.

Archbishop Mokrzycki “He liked Tuesdays the most”

M Publisher, Kraków 2008