He was often alone, abandoned by the public

Certainly, one of the biggest “battles” that the Holy Father had to support was the battle to defend life, from conception to natural death. And he was often alone, abandoned by public opinion marked by conformism, selfishness, blind acceptance of freedom without borders, without rules. Also, the Pope, was abandoned by Catholics, for whose consciences it was more convenient to imitate the fashion and directives imposed by the so-called majority.

Today, little is said about it, but John Paul II had to oppose what was a real “culture of death”, supported by international organizations blackmailing poor countries, setting as a condition to help adopt anti-natalist programs. In addition to life, the Holy Father had to defend the family institution, as the covenant of love, as well as femininity, the “specificity” of a woman, being a woman, contrary to the demands of a radical new anthropological definition, i.e. a deep modification of the nature of man and woman. And not only was he alone in defense of life. John Paul II was often alone in defense of peace, when the world was overwhelmed by changes, carrying like seeds of destruction. In the countries of the former communist bloc – after the disappearance of the paradoxically protective and unifying “cover” of Marxism – the dangerous ghosts of nationalism and fundamentalism have re-emerged. And, unfortunately, this was confirmed by events in the Balkans, new conflicts, terrifying ethnic slaughter, to such an extent that the papal visit to Sarajevo was postponed for three years.

That is why, when John Paul II went to the United Nations for the second time in 1995, he had to acknowledge a very serious crisis, which violated not only international relations, but earlier life in individual countries, especially new countries. And to this world, which in the midst of all contradictions was looking for a new and difficult balance, the Holy Father passed on an idea that was as simple as engaging and enlightening – the “right of nations” to peace. Unfortunately, the situation in the world was getting worse every year.

With the consent of Fr. Card. Stanisław Dziwisz – “At the side of the Saint”

Publisher St. Stanisława BM. Krakow 2013