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He was a brave man

He was a brave man. If he believed that it was his duty, he was not afraid to publicly say where the border exists between what is fair and what is not. In the slightest form, he was not thinking about unpopularity that the statement could cause to him or afraid of any attacks that could be put on him.  Sometimes, however, looking from the outside it seemed that John Paul II is alone, especially at the final moments, at the time of decision making. Hm, that is the Pope who has to make the final decision. John Paul II was making these decisions with great prudence after listening to the closest workers, especially in matters relating to the political situation in the world. Sometimes, he was improving communications which were supposed to clarify the Vatican’s stand for a specific event or matter. However, it is inevitable that even the Pope in his rules is subjected to some conditions. At least, he cannot always decide as he would like to.

With the consent of Cardinal Stanisław Dziwisz – “At the side of the Saint”