Tatr ani Bieszczad w Watykanie nie miał.

He puts on a cape and goes out to the terrace

It was setting the rhythm of his day.  Before the morning Mass, in his bedroom, he was praying the Rosary stretched out on the floor in the shape of a cross.  Then – private prayers and meditations in the chapel and then the Holy Mass; before audiences – adoration; on the way for a lunch – a short greeting of Lord Jesus.  He was going to the chapel before every meal and after a meal.   He was praying all the Litanies to Saints and was very fond of them.  Every Thursday – a prayer to the Holy Spirit.  Every Friday – Stations of the Cross on the terrace.  When he wanted to be alone, when he had a problem which he wanted to share with the Lord, he was putting on a cape and going out to the terrace.  I very vividly remember that scene.  He puts on a cap and goes out to the terrace.  He had a peace over there, a little bit of green, a view on the St. Peter’s Square.  He was with the nature, which he loved so much; always closer to God…

– Reportedly, he prayed the same way as he was breathing… so wrote André Frossard

– Prayer, it was his nature, his everyday life.  When he was going for a celebration, when he was going to the Hall or a parish, even on the way from his apartment for the audience, those five minutes he was always in a prayer – beyond our reach, not present.  Such moments during a day were dozens.  We knew that at that time, we should not disturb him as he is with God; united in an extraordinary way.

– Bishop Małysiak was saying: “Those, who in the Vatican at least once had a chance to participate in the Holy Mass in his Chapel, until the end of their loves, they will see the Pope submerged in prayers, immersed in a prayerful ecstasy.  Those are the mystical experiences….”

– The Holy Father was a mystic.  He was absent in the presence and then, he was not responding.  He was not disturbed by murmurs, people passing nearby.  When we were coming with guests in the morning for the Mass, we were seeing Holy Father already on his knees, on the kneeler.  Very impressive, very touching. But, it was not just the appearance; from the Holy Father was shining the strength, the holiness was glowing.

With the consent of Archbishop Mokrzycki “He liked Tuesdays the most”

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