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He did not like new shoes and what else?

He did not like new shoes and he was wearing the old ones as long as it was possible.  Sometimes, even television was pointing out that the Holy Father has torn or damaged shoes, but always there was a problem with the new ones.

– What problems?

– Problems with adjusting the shoes. They were leather shoes.  Hand made by a special shoemaker, but still they were creating some issues at the beginning.

– Were they rubbing?

– They were rubbing.  They were at first a little bit uncomfortable.  The Holy Father did not like that. He preferred to wear the old ones, comfortable, as already used. However, at the end we were able to convince him.

– He did not like new shoes and what else?

– I think that sometimes he was tired of the official meetings; however, he never complained.  He was not too crazy about his official outfit.  Surplice, mozzetta… He preferred to wear a simple cassock with a cross, but for a long time people responsible for the protocol did not allow him to do it.  Finally, he won as at the end of the pontificate, he was receiving various heads of State wearing his cassock.  It is visible on the photographs.

On the photographs it is not visible how he was spiritually supporting his secretaries.  Archbishop Mokrzycki tells that when he felt tired or simply was not in mood, the Holy Father knew it right away.  Either he smiled or winked at you.  And, right away you felt better.  He never asked, what happened.  He was waiting until you will tell him.  And if you were not saying anything, then he knowingly winked, smiled. And, everything was clear. It was good.

Archbishop Mokrzycki “He liked Tuesdays the most”

M Publisher, Kraków 2008