He appealed for peace in places where hardly anyone knew that there is a war

Before accepting someone on the audience, he got a road map of the problems of the region, from political ones, through economic, to social.  He knew a lot, if not everything.  His collaborators were taking care of this.  Like the Vatican Minister for Foreign Affairs was taking care of this.  He was indicating to the Pope what problems can solved and what the chances of success are.  Of course, the aid was not ending on the audience.  There were letters, telephones, interventions of Papal legates.  That was with every armed conflict. Wherever, the poor and the weak were suffering and that did not have to happen.  In the 1980s, he appealed to the governments of Great Britain and Argentina to abandon the Falkland War, the Malvinas in the Atlantic.  Then, he mediated between Argentina and Chile, and ended the dispute related to three small islands in the Beagle Channel that was ongoing for years.  Then, there were the Balkans, the Persian Gulf, the Holy Land, and Afghanistan. John Paul II also did not forget about Africa.  It happened that he appealed for peace in places where hardly anyone knew that there is a war, that some were not aware that such places exist.  The Pope knew and he was praying for those people.

Archbishop Mokrzycki “He liked Tuesdays the most”

M Publisher, Kraków 2008