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Going back home and to the ends of the world…

– Your first pilgrimage together?
– To Poland in June 1997. The journey home, you can tell. Then, the year 1999, Mexico and the United States.
– For the first time, what previously the Archbishop watched on TV, now, the Archbishop was able to see from the backstage. What were your impressions?
– During this pilgrimage through the ocean, I thought to myself that for the 79 years-old Pope this pilgrimage is beyond his strength. But, of course, I was wrong. It was a very long pilgrimage, if you consider the length. Regardless, the Holy Father continued his regular rhythm of the day, rhythm of his prayers. He was never neglecting anything. He also was starting his day at 5-5:30 a.m. He was praying in his room, then there was a Mass, breakfast and he was on a go. Also, during a day, he prayed a lot. When we were traveling from one point to another, he was often praying Rosary. On Friday, he always remembered about the Stations of the Cross.
– What was a big surprise for the Archbishop? Something, what you were not able to see previously on TV?
– Always the program by itself was for me a big surprise. That, it was so busy. And, that the Holy Father during all these meetings always tried to be present, to devote to people as much time and energy as he could. And then, when he was returning home at the end of the day, I was seeing, how much he was exhausted. Sometimes, he did not have the strength to eat supper with us and he was asking for a meal in his room. Then, we knew that he is really exhausted. But, he was never complaining. During a day, he was smiling, very active, as if he was not tired at all.
With the consent of Archbishop Mokrzycki “He liked Tuesdays the most”
M Publisher, Kraków 2008