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Corpus Christi

“Today the Solemnity of Corpus Christi is being celebrated. The Christian community gathers around the Eucharist and in it adores its most precious treasure:  Christ really present under the appearances of bread and wine.

All People of God comes out of the churches and carries the Blessed Sacrament through the streets and squares of the city. The Risen Christ walks the highways of humanity and continues to offer his “flesh” to human beings as the true “Bread of Life” (cf. Jn 6,48.51). Just as was the case 2,000 years ago, “this is a hard saying” (Jn 6,60) for human intelligence which is overwhelmed by the mystery.

To explore the fascinating depths of Christ’s presence under the “signs” of the bread and the wine, faith is necessary, or rather faith animated by love. Only those who believe, and love can understand something of this ineffable mystery through which God draws close to our littleness, seeks to save our weakness, and reveals himself for what he is: infinite, saving love.”

John Paul II, Corpus Christi

Angelus, June 2, 2002