By the footsteps of St. John Paul II

In the days of May 25-26, 2019, scholarship recipients of the John Paul II Foundation Warsaw Chapter went on a pilgrimage to the Devine Mercy Sanctuary of John Paul II in Krakow, to the Benedictine Sisters Abbey in Staniątki and to Our Lady of Kalwaria Zebrzydowska Sanctuary.

Our pilgrimage started very early on Saturday, when we went by coach buses to Krakow, to the St. John Paul II Center “Do not be afraid.”  We visited the shrine learning more about the architectural design and the design of the Sanctuary.  In the Relics chapel, we were participating in the Mass celebrated by Fr. Jan Strzałka.  After the Eucharist, we had a chance to pay a tribute to our holy Patron, John Paul II by kissing his relics.  The liturgy was enriched by the choir and the music band of scholarship recipients.

After the Mass and visiting the St. John Paul II Museum, the scholarship recipients went to the Divine Mercy Sanctuary. In the Pastoral Hose by the Divine Mercy Sanctuary, we had a delicious dinner and then, at 3 p.m., we were praying together the Divine Mercy Chaplet in the chapel. This provided an opportunity to pay a tribute to Sister Faustina and kiss her relics.

One of the most important events of the pilgrimage was the missing with Cardinal Stanisław Dziwisz, personal secretary of the Pope John Paul II in the years 1978-2005.  During the meeting, Cardinal brought closer to us the person of our Saint Patron.   Throughout the day, Mrs. Bendarkiewicz , president of the Warsaw Chapter of John Paul II Foundation along with other member accompanied students.

On Sunday, May 26th, we went to Staniątki. We participated in the Mass celebrated at the St. Vojciech Church celebrated by Fr. Robert Ptak.  After the Mass, we were visiting the church and museum, and then we met with the nuns of the Abbey.  The president of the Chapter, Mrs. Bendarkiewicz , is personally committed in help in the renovation efforts.  During vacations, also scholarship recipients will get involved in work at the Benedictine Sisters Abbey.  Then, nuns invited us for delicious cakes and tea.

In the afternoon hours, we went to the Sanctuary of Kalwaria Zebrzydowska, where we prayed the Stations of the Cross, meditating events from the Christ’s passion and compassionating His suffering.

Late at night, we returned to Lublin, grateful to all benefactors thanks to whom this extraordinary pilgrimage was passible.  Memories from the pilgrimage will stay at our hearts for a long time encouraging us to walk on the path of faith.