A short nap after dinner was enough for him

During a day, a short nap after dinner was enough for him; fifteen minutes, maybe half an hour.  He very quickly was regaining his strength; the same during his regular day as well as during pilgrimage.  And, when after the whole day he was very tired, he was eating supper privately, not with others.  Not to waste time, to be able to pray, and go to bed as soon as possible.  Then, more or less… six hours of sleep and he was waking-up as a newbie.  It was surprising for me.  I have seen the effort given during a day, I have seen how in the evening the Holy Father was barely standing up, and then, in the morning he is full of energy and ready for another long and demanding day of his pilgrimage.  It was unusual. – And, during a flight?  Did you discuss the plan of the pilgrimage, expectations, fears? – The Holy Father during the flight was rather by himself.  He was praying, reading books, going through his speeches.  It was his time for thought; however, at times he was calling us.  Then, we joke a little bit, what can be seen on some photographs.  But, if I remember correctly, it happened on a way back home.  On the way to the destination of the pilgrimage, the Holy Father needed a quiet time.  He was not present, collecting his thoughts, and certainly entrusting each visit to Mother of God.  So, I think, I am sure. With the consent of Archbishop Mokrzycki “He liked Tuesdays the most” M Publisher, Kraków 2008