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A colleague told me a remarkable story

-John Paul II did miracles…

– My colleague with whom I was studying in Italy, from Sicily, one day asked me to pass a request to the Holy Father for a prayer for a successful operation of his mother.  I passed the request.  The Holy Father celebrated a Mass in that intention.  Then, the colleague told me a remarkable story.  That night, his mother was dreaming that the Holy Father came to her and gave her a pat on her head.  And, the doctor – after the operation – in the conversation said that he felt as if a hand was leading his hand.  He did not know that the Holy Father was praying for the best outcome of this operation.  And, when he learned about this, he wanted eagerly to come to the Holy Father and tell him what he experienced during the operation.  Soon, he was lucky to participate in the audience.  

– And, mother of your colleague recovered?

– Yes, the mother recovered and she was very grateful to God and to the Holy Father, John Paul II. 

– Every day he had his own intentions.  Yes, and when he was already older and weak, he asked to write them on a piece of paper.  Always there was the intention of the entire Church and the Diocese of Rome and employees of Curia.  He also had a list of Curia’s employees; a copy from “L’Osservatore Romano”.  After a Mass, he was taking out that piece of paper, had a glimpse on it, and then he prayed.  It was a sign for me that the Holy Father included these names in his prayers.      

Archbishop Mokrzycki “He liked Tuesdays the most”

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